Here is a sample of Top Guard detectable warnings in 3 standard colors. 

Truncated Domes Black
Truncated Domes Red
Truncated Domes yellow

Custom Colors

We can make any color requested. Here is a sample of Top Guard detectable warnings in 3 custom colors. 

Red 66


We’ve developed a unique system to meet ADA (American Disability Act) requirements. We are no longer the exclusive distributor and installers of the Vanguard ADA Systems product (QPL S527-0015).


Top Guard detectable warnings are not the typical rectangular hard mats that are put in wet concrete or “glued & screwed” to the concrete surface. Actually Top Guard perform equally as good on asphalt surfaces. Top Guard is made, formed and seamlessly installed at every individual location! Frankly we tailor fit, or customize, every ramp. Every square millimeter is really it’s own “glue & screw” by our liquid bonding to the matrix of the concrete or asphalt surface. Guaranteed! Top Guard will never be a trip hazard like EVERY other hard preformed mat. Top Guard will never come loose, even partially, and become a trip hazard. Top Guard will never crack, delaminate or wind up clogging a storm drain. Yet the truncated domes will always maintain their shape… unlike the soft “thermo-plastic” DW’s available on the market.


Often times we hear from customers that DW’s are a waste. Or they wish they did not have to install them because of the inconvenience. Bottom line is that they are a Justice Department law and HAVE TO BE INSTALLED. That being understood and accepted your choices are simple. 1. What product to install 2. Whether or not you will install that product yourself.


Upon conclusion of your comparison of available products, we are confident you will find the best choice is our product and installation. We can explain it, of course, but we welcome the opportunity to show you and prove it. Which will not cost you a penny and most likely will make you very content with all your DW needs. Simply contact us for a demonstration or presentation.


Detectable warnings save lives. Too many blind and visually impaired pedestrians are killed every year. If you or a loved one were blind or visually impaired wouldn’t you want to know where there is danger. Try closing your eyes and walking down the street… then try crossing the street.


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