Here is a sample of Top Guard detectable warnings in 3 standard colors. 

Truncated Domes Black
Truncated Domes Red
Truncated Domes yellow

Custom Colors

We can make any color requested. Here is a sample of Top Guard detectable warnings in 3 custom colors. 

Red 66



Why is Top Guard the best solution to meet ADA Requirements?

1) Top Guard was designed to meet spec 527

2) We use a custom, pour-in-place product that consistently outperforms traditional rigid mats.

a. Rigid mat’s biggest failure is that the panels become a trip hazard. Water gets under the rigid mat. Through pedestrian foot traffic, the rigid mats are constantly pushed up and down. This movement, coupled with trapped water, starts to destroy the adhesive – leaving the nail pins to hold the mat, which, when enough rainwater gets under the mat, lifts the mat up.

b. Our installs first use a special primer designed to totally bond all of the Top Guard bonding adhesive securely to the concrete – not a just a portion – like some mats.

c. Higher adhesion – our bond is so strong – the concrete-to-concrete bond will fail before the Top Guard lifts off the concrete

d. No seams means no seams to fail – from 2’x5’ standard sidewalks up to 10’x100’

e. Top Guard Original includes a 5 Year Warranty against failure – rigid mats do not.

f. Knowledgeable staff - We install our Top Guard system day in and day out. With every install – you get an expert who understands the ADA requirements - we meet with the inspectors and go over the layouts and design requirements for each location. If there is ever an issue with layout/install, we will make it right.


3) Custom Installation

a. One product for all surfaces - concrete, green concrete, asphalt

-For green concrete we recommend 48 hours

b. Curves? No problem – Top Guard’s custom layouts allow for the product to follow curves

c. Manhole covers/utility access? – Top Guard is custom-installed around or over the plate.

d. Colors? Safety Yellow, Brick Red, Black always in stock or custom colors also available to match your color scheme, business colors, school colors, no need to settle for stock colors!

e. Irregular Surfaces – there is not much we can’t work around.
-No need to replace concrete pad for installation of detectable warnings.
-Many times we can knock off the peaks and do a custom primer and base coat



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