1) Are there any installations that are better-suited for rigid mats?

a. No – Top Guard™ can be installed in any location rigid mats can be installed

2) What surfaces can Top Guard be installed on?

a. Existing concrete, new concrete, green concrete (24 hour cure), asphalt

3) How does Top Guard™ hold up compared to rigid mats?

a. We have a no-quibble 5-year Guarantee on Original Top Guard™ – better than virtually all rigid mats

4) What colors is Top Guard™ available in?

a. Stock colors are Safety Yellow, Brick Red, Black. Virtually any other custom color can be made – including white.

5) How soon can Top Guard™ be exposed to foot traffic?

a. As soon as our technicians are completed – the domes may be walked on – usually about 15-20 minutes after they are poured. They are 100% cured after one to two weeks – depending upon weather.

6) How do Top Guard™ Domes weather compared to rigid mats?

a. We use top quality pigments with UV stabilizers – our colors typically hold up as well as rigid mats. However, we will soon be introducing Top Coat to freshen Top Guard™ products (usually after 5-6 + years)

7) How long does it typically take to install one sidewalk location?

a. Typically, one location (about 10-12 square feet) takes about 15-20 minutes for complete install.

8) How Is Top Guard™ priced compared to rigid mats?

a. We are competitive with the price of installed rigid mats.

9) How do I get a quote?

a. Call the office 813-874-3600 ext 111

10) I have an estimate – and I want to schedule the work to be done – how do I schedule?

a. Call the office 813-874-3600 ext 222

11) Do you accept credit cards?

a. Yes we do – Visa and MasterCard

12) Can I buy Top Guard™ and install myself?

a. Yes - if you become a Certified Contractor – Call 813-874-3600 ext 444 for more information. Limited territories are available in Florida and other states.